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Limited Self-Funded Health Plans

A Component of Tucker Administrators’ Employee Benefit Risk Management Program

The Problem
  • Fully-insured plans with low deductibles are unaffordable
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are not a good fit for my company
  • A Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) can be cost-saving components of a Long-Term Financial Solution, but:
    • Partnerships, shareholders of S-Corp owning more than 2% of outstanding shares, LLP, LLC owners are considered self-employed and are unable to participate in HRAs. Many businesses fall into these categories, such as physician practices, law firms, engineering firms, and other professional practices.
The Tucker Limited Self-Funded Plan Is The Answer

Tucker Administrators offers a unique, proprietary plan that blends traditional insurance and a self-funding component together. It provides more control over plan design and cost structure. The results are:

  • Health plan costs are typically lower than traditional plans, without sacrificing benefits
  • Premiums can be structured to eliminate any risk to employer
  • 100% of covered charges after deductible
  • Employer chooses funding level

Have us provide a no-obligation assessment of your needs, and show you how to switch from a purchased off-the-shelf insurance to a customized limited self-funded plan.

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