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Wellness/Disease Management Solutions

A Component of Tucker Administrators’ Employee Benefit Risk Management Program

Many of the most costly and deadly illnesses known today are either preventable through education and life-style change, or curable with early detection.

Tucker Administrators' program is designed to provide pertinent and reliable information to improve one’s overall health status. Claims data is used to identify individuals who may need additional information or advice on maintaining their optimal health and wellness.

Here are a list of services available to the employer to manage this risk component:

Primary Prevention

  • Performs an analysis of medical claims and provides members with customized recommendations for certain wellness screening tests
  • Provides wellness guidelines for all employees and their dependents, customized for age and gender and include a recommended schedule of preventive visits, blood tests (e.g. cholesterol level) and immunizations.
  • Provides age and gender specific guidelines for the prevention and early detection of the most common cancers including breast, colon, prostate and lung cancer. Important screening tests may be recommended in accordance with guidelines developed by the American Cancer Society and other experts.
  • Employer may elect an on site Health Risk Assessment event, with biometric screening and a blood panel

Disease Management Program

In addition to Primary Prevention, members with certain specific diseases or risk factors identified for intervention and management. These include:

  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Hypertension
  • High Cholesterol

These high-risk members enter the Disease Management Program for individualized disease monitoring and nurse coaching. In addition to the analysis, members with one or more listed illnesses can be identified via the Workplace Medical Risk Questionnaire for new employees and dependents.

Members receive information and guidance in several ways:

  • Members will be contacted by phone, letter or e-mail by the RN Health Consultant and offered customized education and counseling.
  • Disease-specific education will be provided through a combination of printed materials and web access.
  • A comprehensive listing of relevant resources, including websites for additional education and self-help activities, will be provided.
  • The RN Health Consultant will schedule periodic follow-up calls to selected employees and dependents.


  • Tucker Administrators and the employer groups are provided periodic reports that indicate the activity of their employees
  • The reports demonstrate the number of clinical interventions by the RN Health Consultant, as well as specific disease prevalence within their employee population.
  • The reports will detail each group’s collective adherence to key recommended tests in the Wellness Guidelines.
  • This data may suggest additional group and/or disease specific interventions that may be indicated.

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